A bonding process

The creation process for Gaimo shoes involves more than 100 specialists in all of its stages, linking artisanship, technology and the human touch in every creation.



“We’ve always believed that to create a jute with its own identity, we have to start with the quality of the materials and timelessness. Our designs are based on beauty, comfort and femininity. To achieve this, we use comfortable lasts and highly cushioned soles, which we try ourselves first. Quality and responsibility are essential to all our designs, which is why we develop each piece with sustainable materials and in the most ecologically-responsible way possible.”

Esmeralda Iturriaga


Pattern making

Taking shape

“The challenge for me and my team is to interpret the 2D designs and bring them to life, drawing lines on the lasts to make the patterns for each shoe. It’s a task that requires time, dedication and attentiveness, as each model may require more than 50 readjustments until the height and fit are perfected to ensure the shoe fits our feet perfectly; it’s important to remember that these are the foundations for our body.”

Oscar Hernández

Pattern Making Team


First steps

“We cut each piece of the shoe with traditional or digital machines, from each detail of the upper to the lining and the soles. We put a lot of attention into ensuring the pieces fit each foot size. Our objective is to preserve the quality of the leathers and the fabrics so that the colour and texture are free from impurities or imperfections and are true to the essence of each shoe.”

Ángel García

Cutting Section Manager


Attention to detail

“The work involved in stitching and finishing the pieces that comprise the upper of each shoe requires a lot of concentration and attention to detail, as they’re very skilled tasks. Each season at Gaimo, we create more than 300 models in different materials that behave differently. In this process, tradition, experience and hands are fundamental because it’s a manual production line that involves more than 40 people. That’s why we prioritise nurturing human relationships and a good working environment.”

Mónica Rubio

Finishing Section Manager

Hand stitching

One by one

“Each hand-stitched shoe is different and unique, just like each artisan. For us, a pair of espadrilles is a unique piece that’s personal and labour-intensive, as the stitching process takes 40 minutes and we always have the wearer in mind. As the sewing specialists, we put all our experience, patience and love into each creation, like those who paint a picture or write a poem. It’s a very special job, with its own character.”

Jose Miguel Sainz Zapatero

Hand-stitching expert artisan


Two parts unite

“At Gaimo, we also make espadrilles by joining the upper to the sole with water-based glues. Our job is to adjust the uppers and the soles, to glue and attach them until the shoe is well pressed using heat and cold machines. To make sure the result is of the highest quality, it’s essential that the previous steps have been carried out with as much precision and perfection as possible, that makes everything easier.”

Jesús Villar

Assembly Section

Finished and packaged

The finishing touches

“The finishing process is the last filter before the shoe goes out into the world. We are really attentive to the smallest details, such as checking each shoe, to make sure all the processes are perfect. We prepare each piece with its corresponding embellishments and labels, making sure they’re clean and well presented so that whoever receives them appreciates the quality, care and effort that we’ve put into them.”

Raquel Martínez

Finishing Section

Warehouse and logistics

From La Rioja to the world

“Warehouse and logistics are closely linked to ensure the quality control of each client’s merchandise, making sure they’re correctly packaged and distributed according to country and service dates. To achieve this, order and state-of-the-art technology are vital, as well as the correct allocation of tasks to optimise every delivery time and make sure that the shoes can be enjoyed at their destination as soon as possible.”

David Achutegui

Warehouse Manager

María Antoñanzas

Logistics Department


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