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Return & Exchanges

How can I return a product?

· To make any exchange or return click here.

· We will arrange for the courier to pick up the goods you wish to return from the address indicated.

· The courier will collect the goods within 24 hours (working days, provided this is possible) from the notification of exchange or return.

· It´s important that the shoes to be returned aren´t worn or damaged, that they haven´t been used beyond the mere opening thereof, aren´t in the same conditions in which they were delivered and have not suffered any damage, so they must be careful with the product while it is in your possession. They must be returned in their original box and packed in a box or bag to make the shipment. In case of not complying with these requirements, Gaimo reserves the right not to accept said refund or not to cover the return costs.

· Once the package is received, the correct state of the product will be checked and the amount will be returned on the card with which the payment was made (depending on the bank, it may take a couple of days). Confirmation of the return will be sent to the contact email, with the subscription attached in the same email.

· If payment was made on delivery, the €3 delivery charge will not be refunded and the payment will be made to the bank account previously indicated. In case the payment to be returned is less than 10€, a discount coupon will be created for the next purchase.

How can I exchange a product?

· If you wish to exchange a product, just send us an email to request this at [email protected] indicating which model you would like to exchange and the reason.

· The courier will deliver the new order and pick up the exchange at the same time.

· The shoes to change must not be worn or damaged, in their original box and packed in a box or bag to make the shipment. For your convenience, you can package it in the same original cardboard box, if you no longer keep it, you can use another cardboard box or an envelope.

· Once the package is received, the correct condition of the product will be checked and an order will be made manually, which will appear as paid to send the new product that was requested and the courier will deliver the package in the following 24-48 hours ( workable and whenever possible).

Do I have to pay for exchanges or returns?

No. All exchanges and returns through the Gaimo on-line shop are free of charge, except in the Canary Islands and in the option of payment against reimbursement.

How long do I have to exchange or return goods?

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return in within 30 days of the purchase date.

How is the order refunded to me?

Refunds are made using the same payment method you chose when you placed the order in an estimated time of 10-15 days. In payments with cards may take depending on the bank. The refund is made by bank transfer, but the € 3 supplement is not paid for this method of delivery.

In case the package isn´t picked up after the delivery attempts by the carrier and after the days the package remains in the transport office, it will be returned and the refund will be made. The transport derived from the resolution may have an additional cost, so we will be authorized to pass on the corresponding costs.



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