Arantxa Rueda: Collage and fashion

Arantxa Rueda is the artist who collaborated with us on Sneakers FW20 session. Would you like to know more about her creative process?

Artist, specialized in hand-made collage who developed the latest set for our new Sneakers collection.

How did you develop the set? What inspired you to create these shapes? My work process is based on handicraft skill and it always starts with my favourite component: paper.

In order to design the pieces, the first thing I did was to cut on paper the shapes that could work well on a large scale with added up patterns that can be found on the new Gaimo Sneakers collection designs. These leather shapes are carefully cut out in the factory during a separated process to be later joined and hand-sewn together to produce our trainers. I thought that to recover these original shapes would be really interesting.

Once all the showpieces were outlined, I worked together with Alex Lasa (set designer who has already collaborated with Gaimo on other occasions) to determine how they would be placed, decide which colour range we were going to use and choose the most suitable materials and procedure. Alex and me dedicated an entire day to draw the pieces on wood, cut them out and paint them. This time the showpieces came alive!

What inspires you to develop your collages?  I allow myself to be carried away and let my intuition work. I get inspired by small things, daily activities, people, conversations… At the same time, I do a great deal of work with something quite simple: words. I become inspired by them, they enlighten my creativity.

Which tools do you use? My basic tools are scissors, glue and most of all magazines, lots of magazines and old books. But I also like to experiment and add dried flowers, a colour touch with some pigments… collage is a rich technique that offers many possibilities.

Tell us about your creative process. The process starts with the search of the proper materials, which I find particularly relevant. I enjoy going to street markets to gather material for collages. Once I have everything, I check the pages one by one and cut out the pieces I like or the ones that suit the project that I am currently developing. I can get hundreds of clippings on my desk… and this is where the game starts. It is time to see which fit with each other and experiment with different arrangements to reach a final result. It is a long lasting process.

How can we purchase one of your collages? You can see my work on Instagram. If you follow @ArantxaRueda you will have access to my original collages on sale but also to my prints and workshops about this technique, among other undertakings. Soon there will be breakthrough news on my website:


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