Cocoluco: Custom design and craftsmanship

Adriángela López de Carrión is the heart of Cocoluco, a fashion lover and creator of the headdresses in this season’s Brides editorial. Do you want to get to know her?

What inspires you to make headdresses and accessories?

I’m really inspired by nature, so that’s why many of my headdresses are made of natural stones. I remember when I was younger I was always looking for little stones on the beach and I loved all kinds of bugs. Now, years later, I see that that’s still reflected in my work. Although, almost always, it’s the client herself that inspires me. As we make customised pieces, the ultimate goal is to make her happy with her Cocoluco.

What materials do you use?

I use feathers, flowers, fabrics, mirrors and metal, but my favourite material and the one that’s most emblematic of Cocoluco is natural stones. 

Why did you decide to devote yourself to creating accessories for women, particularly for brides or wedding guests?

The truth is, I’ve always been a big fan of accessories, but it really all started one day when I was looking at old photos of my grandmother. In one of them, she was wearing a beautiful headdress and I thought, why have we lost this beautiful and elegant habit of wearing head accessories? And that’s when I started researching and creating. It started as a hobby in my spare time, making headdresses for my sisters and friends or for myself and, little by little, the orders steadily increased up until today. Now, it’s become my way of life.

Most of us only dare to wear this type of accessory at weddings or important events. What I would really love would be for us to incorporate headdresses into our daily lives in the same way that we wear earrings or a scarf around our necks… So, as well as the most eye-catching headdresses, we have a collection of super wearable headdresses for any occasion.

What is your creation process like and what do you enjoy most?

When it’s a customised job, the creation process begins by listening to the client. It’s very important to capture her idea and get to know her tastes. From that point on, we start testing shapes and materials together, until we find the perfect Cocoluco.

But I also really enjoy letting my imagination run wild and spending hours creating extravagant pieces that very few people would dare to wear. It’s so much fun! 

Where can we buy Cocoluco?

On our website you can find a great selection of our Cocolucos, but you can also contact us to order your customised headdress. 

We also have several points of sale in Madrid. 


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