beachy waves

The heat starts to rise. Sun-soaked I protect myself under the palm trees. Summer captivates me from the first moment.

Mediterranean coast.

Tula Tan

Tula Tan

Tedie Marble


Tedie Marble


Warm-weather mood.

Edi Ecru

Edi Ecru

hotel hideaway

The best fun is unintended, it just comes along: cocktails between a walk and another, dinners by the pool, lovely moments… How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

Be at leisure.

Be at leisure.

Afay Black

Globo Beige


Feeling calm and relaxed we visit the most amazing and trendy places. There, we discovered a typical restaurant with a unique ambience. Today paella is on the menu!

Happy summerly vibes.

Eli Yellow

Simona Pink

A charming place with country-style appeal.


After relaxing on the sand we are eager for adventure, to go out with our friends and explore the surrounding area. From the sea shore until the day is over!

Slam Fuchsia

Gemi Lavanda

Dress up at at dusk.

glam up!

As the night falls, the best version of myself comes to light. My clothes' choice reflects my personality and the way I move.

Cordelia Gold

Sophisticated yet chic.

Linda Blush

Non-existing worries, it's summer!

Melissa Platinum


Summer up


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