Gaimo x Fundación Contigo

On October 19th we are celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Day. This year, Gaimo collaborates with Fundación Contigo to promote research and scientific progress.

In order to do so, we created this new design that is already available at our website and we will donate the total amount raised to Fundación Contigo to encourage the funding of new projects.

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“To improve prognosis on women’s cancer is our responsibility. In order to attain it our research projects must progress and help us advance on our understanding of the illness, the different forms of treatment and provide an individualized response for each patient”.

Dr. Javier Cortés, Fundación Contigo´s president.

Fundación Contigo has set the goal of promoting pioneer research projects to prevent and stop women’s cancer with the firm conviction that early diagnosis, a multidisciplinary approach and personalized attention will provide a better quality life to patients, alleviate the suffering of their beloved ones and finally help to eradicate the disease.

Gaimo encourages you to contribute to this great cause.


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