Inspiration: Africa SS20

Africa has become the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Discover how colour has become our protagonist.


Africa is a continent to be admired for its wide variety of artistic expressions and natural resources. Africa is full of colour, so that will be the key element and leading light of this new collection. 

What we’ve been inspired by.

Like all fashion designers, we’ve always been fascinated by their prints, their fabrics and those vivid colours and pigments that really grab our attention. Using the Wax technique – also known as African wax fabric, which comes from batik – they create prints with repetitive decorative motifs in really bright colours. That’s why we’ve created various prints that you’ll find on the espadrille fabrics themselves and also on the classic espadrilles’ straps. 

Bogolán is another craft technique that lets us imprint or dye prints and geometric shapes with natural products such as clay or pigments extracted from plants. Using these techniques, we’ve designed prints that you’ll find in the collection’s sandals and wedges in colourful, earthy and black tones.

The geographical situation of this continent creates favourable conditions for the abundant existence of flora and fauna. Mammals, reptiles, birds, fish… they fill our imaginations with texture and colour. That’s why, once again, you’ll find the animal print trend on both our flat espadrilles and on one of our new products: the Colette sandal. 

In Africa, the symbolism of colour is very important and colours are used according to the occasion. Black intensifies spiritual energy, blue brings us tranquillity and harmony, gold evokes glory or spiritual purity… whatever its symbolism, you’ll find all this colour variety in the new collection, so that you can choose the espadrilles you like best this season.


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