Looks with espadrilles for summer

Casual and comfortable, elegant, with a sporty touch... Summer has many aspects and they’re all irresistible.

By Adriana Rodriguez @timeforfashionelle
Collages: @ArantxaRueda

Summer is that perfect mental (and physical) state where most of us mortals would like to stay and enjoy it to the fullest. Sun, holidays, sea and disconnecting seem to be the only ingredients we need for happiness, and when it comes to dressing and wearing shoes, it all creates an incredible feeling of freedom and lightness.  

Espadrilles, summer’s iconic shoes

Nothing says summer quite like espadrilles: that natural esparto sole spirits us away to relaxing sunset walks enjoying an ice cream, while we proudly carry on the tradition and most authentic expertise of our land. An image which has gone viral worldwide with the help of respected French style influencers such Jeanne Damas, Anne Laura Mais and Sabina Socol. A linen dress, jean shorts or even the most elegant garments are capable of adapting to the slow artisan pace of espadrilles, transforming them in the blink of an eye into the most iconic summer styles with that irresistible and desirable touch of effortless chic.

In recent years, to our delight, traditional, contemporary and innovative fashion companies have successfully evolved the traditional espadrille, creating super-attractive versions that adapt to widely differing styles and the demands of modern life. Gaimo is one of the most active brands carrying on the espadrille tradition. Each collection is designed to adapt to the lifestyle of most women, who require comfortable, high-quality footwear options with designs that embrace the latest trends. 

Looks with espadrilles for different summer occasions

How to use them for everyday wear? For walking to work, for the most relaxed summer plans, adding the finishing touch to the season’s most special looks or for embracing absolute comfort with a sporty attitude, we’ve selected some of the most highly-acclaimed styles and integrated them into different look ideas for dressing for those moods or paths that we take throughout the summer season.

A comprehensive style guide you can consult when you need it, especially on those days when you’re feeling uninspired and when you can indulge in the benefits of esparto shoes, already adored by our mothers and grandmothers:

Classic wedges

For those days where you want to give your style a little extra elan without compromising your comfort, the classic esparto wedges, like the Colin, never fail. If you wear them with a print wrap dress, you’ll be adorning yourself in a feminine summer look with an effortless vibe that triumphs season after season.

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For special occasions

A wedding, a summer party or any special event that comes up during the warmest months is the best excuse to grace your feet with Cordelia sandals. Choose the gold version to adapt to any style, texture or hue you choose to wear.  

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Sporty vocation

The Valeria is perfect if you want to get sporty and totally on-trend this summer, especially if you need to go along with a plan that requires activity.

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For getting through those non-stop days in one piece, for exploring those charming villages during your holidays or even if you never normally part with your sneakers, any of the Delfie styles in black, khaki green or gold will convince you to embrace maximum comfort without compromising on style. 

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Cool and extra-comfortable thanks to their esparto mini-wedge, they’ll let you set your toes free on the hottest days. Pair them with shorts or a linen tunic and get ready to wear one of the season’s coolest outfits. 

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Another formula for taking your style to another level is opting for French style: The Margaret represents the perfect balance between functionality and charm. We love it with a buttoned mini skirt with slit and a romantic top with lace details.

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