Loving Day

At last, the day starts. That one that will stay in your memory for life. The day when every moment matters, right from the first sunbeams coming through the window. You wake up, see your reflection and start getting ready.

Global Marble


Valenciana Mercury

Your dress is waiting. And the shoes that will take you down the aisle. Slowly, you let yourself be gently wrapped by each sensation, by each texture. You are comfortable with yourself. It feels so right.

Valenciana Mercury

Cordelia Ecru


Linda Marble

The flower ritual brightens up your face, you feel fresh and joyful. By now you are ready and you just need to be carried along until the moment arrives. This is it! Your day is finally here.

Cloe Cream


It is time to celebrate, laugh, feel thrilled and share your happiness with your loved ones. Dancing, kisses, the wedding cake… It all makes you smile from the inside and out. Let’s celebrate until the day is over.

Melissa Marble




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