Making of – Sneakers FW20

The new sneakers collection is packed with original ideas. Would you like to know what inspired us?

Last season sneakers and casual footwear became the perfect choice for any occasion, as they fit each and every style. Sneakers are back and meant to stay!

We love them because they are extremely comfortable. Moreover, this season we have added brand-new designs: you will find more colour, new shapes, outlines and genuine multicolour lace sets; you’ll be amazed. These shapes are precisely what inspired the photo session carried on by the photographer and also former collaborator Enric Badrinas.

As regards styling, Javier Ly focused in certain designs in order to achieve sophisticated looks with a casual touch whereas comfortable as never before. Concerning make up, Miquel Cristobal cconceived a natural and relaxed look jazzed up with a pinned up hair-style.

We relied on Alex Lasa and the Arantxa Rueda to develop the set. We will explain you very soon how the collaboration with her evolved and the way this wooden set was handmade and painted in different colours

The art direction of the photo shoot has been conducted by Atipus design studio.


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