Campaña SS19. From the city to the countryside

The new collection of Gaimo espadrilles is full of the latest features. We tell you all about the behind-the-scenes work of the new Spring / Summer 2019 espadrilles campaign.


Nostalgia for nature constantly gets to us in the urban environment. We miss those memories of summer in the village, those endless talks with friends, the animals, home-cooked food, long walks and especially the peace and quiet. And it’s just that nostalgic feeling of memories and past adventures in the countryside that inspired us for the new Spring/Summer 2019 espadrilles collection. 

The creation process

We moved to a location on the outskirts of Barcelona that reflected all those moments that we wanted to evoke. Casa Ricarda was the perfect setting to transport us back to that summer feeling from the villages of our childhood.

The models we chose were the perfect pairing to highlight the relationship between the city and the countryside. Two friends who escape from the city to a rural environment: that same contrast is reflected in all the latest features of our new collection of espadrilles, which presents nature and the avant-garde in the same collection.

Natural references are the basis of our design, season after season.The materials we use for our shoes are 100% natural fabrics and leathers. We’re highly conscious of the environment, working towards our footwear being sustainable

On the other hand, the city, the idea of modernity and the avant-garde is reflected in materials like vinyl, satin braids, elastic sneakers and the lines of our designs, with their unique shapes, heels and decorations. 

In short, we wanted the consumer to see the interplay between the city and the countryside: the experience of a woman from the city who goes to the countryside, and how nature is very much alive in the city. Some of us have our small garden on our terrace, some of us have pets, or we connect with nature through cooking. 


The campaign was carried out with a great team. We collaborated with the photographer Berta Pfirsich to create the essence of the concept through her analogue photography. The styling was done by Isabel Greece, with the assistance of Judit Melis. Rubén Mármol took charge of hair and make-up. This season we had Marie Elson, Sabrina Lan and Marçal Taberner as models.

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