Tsumori Chisato

Grace, elegance and fun. Tsumori Chisato’s is an internationally acclaimed Japanese designer.


Disciple of fashion legend Issey Miyake, she debuted her own label at Japan Fashion Week in 1990 (after Miyake’s encouragement) and amazed the world with her wonderful hand-painted prints, luxurious textiles and extravagant accessories.
Tsumori loves and lives her work fully, opening up her rich inner world every collection for us to find a good dose of manga, cute kittens, travel memorabilia and bold colours.
What’s there not to love right?

How did Gaimo and Tsumori Chisato find each other? Was it love at first sight?

Our story with Tsumori started at MICAM – Milan International Footwear Fair. Tsumori already new Gaimo (we are quite popular in Japan) so she approached us with this proposal of starting a collaboration for her upcoming collection. This was six years ago, and we have been working together ever since. We don’t know if it was love at first sight, but it definitely is a very beautiful and creative professional relationship.

Tell us about your first collaboration.

It was for her SS’13 Collection. We developed a capsule collection of platform sandals with marine inspiration.

Tsumori is well known for her fantastic world and imagination, but also for the details of her collections, with intricate embroidery, appliqués and hand drawn prints. Was it ever hard for Gaimo to reproduce Tsumori’s work?

Definitely… (laughs) But we take it as a challenge. From shark-shaped shoes with fins, to rafia fruits, waving soles with fishes, hand-painted prints with very strong colours…you name it! The customisation of Tsumori’s designs requires for a lot of handmade work – almost as if each shoe was a work of art. The communication between us and her team is very important in this process, and in the end we both proudly sign the collection.

What is this new collaboration about?

In her very iconic style, the new Tsumori/Gaimo collection gets inspiration from the Tropics. It features super funny and colourful models, with very unique hand-painted patterns and palm trees, vibrant flowers and braids all around!


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