Beef Heart Tomato growing guide.

When you buy a pair of our espadrilles from the Tierra sustainable collection, you’ll find a gift of Beef Heart tomato seeds. A typical tomato variety grown in our region, La Rioja, it’s characterised by its intense shiny red colour, fleshiness and unique flavour. Want to know how to grow it?

When to grow

The ideal time depends on where you are. The tomato needs warm temperatures to flower and grow, so the best months are April and May.

How to grow

  • Fill the plant pot with compost, leaving about 5cm free at the top. 
  • Sow the seeds about 5cm deep in the compost, leaving room between them, then use your hand to flatten and compact the compost. 
  • Water the compost, cover the pot with film to retain moisture and place it in a warm place.
  • When the seeds have grown to about 10cm tall and green shoots have emerged, transplant each plant individually into a window box/plant pot or ground where there is enough soil for strong growth. When transplanting each one of these seedlings, you’ll need to plant it deep, with a little over half the plant below ground.
  • We recommend adding a support (cane or wooden stick) when the plant is small, as this variety of tomato is heavy.

Care tips

We recommend watering first thing in the morning, several times a week, depending on the weather. Keep the soil constantly moist, but never soak it.

Little by little, these seedlings will keep growing until you have a lovely plant which will provide you with this delicious tomato variety. Don’t forget to upload your photos and tag us @gaimoespadrilles.



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