Making of SS18

Carmen Ordóñez is Gaimo’s fashion photographer and has been working with us since 2014. Here she tells us all about the making of the Spring / Summer 2018 campaign.


Where did you get your inspiration for the campaign?

Gaimo’s marketing and creativity department gave me the inspiration to base the campaign on a journey through a museum.

What exactly did your creation process involve?

I began imagining what the pictures in Gaimo’s SS18 catalogue would look like and searching for a gallery that would meet the characteristics needed to compile it. And voilà!! We found a location, the Mirat&Co Art Gallery in the centre of Madrid, with vast white walls where we could use coloured panels and create the ideal backdrops to suit our models perfectly.

As it was summer and the brand’s shoes had a true Mediterranean flavour, we wanted to continue that theme using natural elements, so we decided to use flowers and branches to give it a true outdoors, summery feel. By placing the sandals on pedestals, using artwork and playing on sets of colours in both the panels and styling, we would transport our audience/buyer into the story captured in this spring-summer campaign, modelled by Carolina Ballesteros and Camille Duceppe.

It is ultimately a story in which the buyer is very much an active part as visitor to the gallery, where not only artwork is exhibited, but where we also encounter an attractive exhibition of shoes that become works of art in their own right, while our models lead us on this marvellous journey.

Who collaborated with you on this project?

This campaign was carried out with my regular team – Alicia Claros as stylist, hair and make-up by Miguel Angel Tragacete, with Laura Cámara as art director.


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